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Hand Surgery patient journey

If you are referred to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, you will be given an appointment to see one of our Orthopaedic Surgeons.

At this consultation, your surgeon will have a look at your medical history and will examine your hand before discussing the most appropriate course of treatment. More investigations may need to be organised to confirm a diagnosis for some people.

Some hand conditions can be treated with an injection which can be carried out in the clinic. If you have an injection, you will be able to drive yourself home afterward.

If it is decided that surgery is the best course of action, the surgeon will discuss in detail what is involved in the operation, along with any associated risks and complications, beginning the process of informed consent.  

Many hand operations are carried out under local anaesthetic but some require a general anaesthetic. If surgery under general anaesthetic is planned, you will need to attend the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic.        Hospital Switchboard 0141 951 5000