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Data protection

The NHS must keep your personal health information confidential. It is your right.
Information that identifies you may be written on paper, held on computer, or both. Records are stored securely in different parts of the NHS.
All NHS staff have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and will usually only share your information with carers, social workers or others if you have given permission. However, there are special cases.
As well as your right to confidentiality, you have the right to:

  • know how your personal information is used;
  • see your health records and, if you choose, to get a copy;
  • object if you don't want your health information to be used or shared; and
  • complain if you are not happy about how your health information has been used or protected.
  • Health Rights Information Scotland (HRIS) has produced a number of information booklets that tell you about your rights as a patient.

How the NHS handles your data

Accessing your records

If you would like to access your personal records, please complete the Subject Access Request Form and return it to:
Medical Records Manager
NHS Golden Jubilee
Golden Jubilee National Hospital
Agamemnon Street
G81 4DY

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