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  • Please do not enter a waiting area unless you have a prearranged appointment or have been invited to a same day appointment by your healthcare professional
  • When using a smart phone, tablet or laptop please ensure the device has been charged and has sufficient battery power for the length of your consultation
  • Please ensure that you are in a private well lit location prior to the start of your consultation
  • Please inform your clinician if anyone is with you
  • Please use a WiFi  connection to make your call whenever possible , if you are using mobile data please be aware that a 20 minute consultation will use approximately 230 Mb of data.


Click here to access the Test waiting area patient information leaflet


Click the appropriate link below for the clinic you are attending.

 Waiting areas

advanced heart failure advanced heart failure
arthroplasty waiting area arthroplasty QR code
cardiac waiting area cardiac QR code
cardiology waiting area cardiology QR code
hdu 1 waiting area HDU 1 QR code
hdu 2 waiting area HDU 2 QR code
icu 1 waiting area ICU 1 QR code
icu 2 waiting area ICU 2 QR code
interventional cardiology waiting area interventional cardiology QR code
occupational health and physio waiting area Occupational Health & physiotherapy QR code
orthopaedics waiting area orthopaedics QR code
pharmacist preassessment waiting area pharmacist preassessment QR code
practitioner foot clinic waiting area practitioner foot clinic QR code
pre op assessment waiting area pre op assessment QR code
psychology waiting area psychology QR code
rehabilitation waiting area rehabilitation QR code
spiritual care lounge waiting area spiritual care lounge QR code
thoracic surgery waiting area thoracic surgery QR code
tissue viability waiting area tissue viability QR code
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