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Clinical Nutrition

The Clinical Nutrition Department employs state-registered dieticians who provide nutritional care in a friendly, supportive and pro-active manner.
Dieticians translate nutritional science into practical information to promote health, prevent food related problems and treat diseases.

 Supporting patients

Patients are referred to the Clinical Nutrition team by nursing, medical and allied health professions colleagues and can be seen on the ward or at an outpatient clinic.
The Clinical Nutrition team work with:

  • patients who require nutritional support during their hospital stay due to the effect of the disease/surgery on their food intake;
  • those with diet-related diseases that require individualised advice and/or specialised menus from catering, e.g. for diabetes or food allergies; and
  • those patients who wish dietary advice to promote and maintain health, e.g. heart patients.

 Supporting staff

The Clinical Nutrition team:

  • deliver nutrition-related education sessions to hospital staff;
  • produce evidence-based information for patients, relatives and staff;
  • lead the implementation of the QIS: Food, fluid and nutritional care in hospital standards on behalf of the National Waiting Times Centre Board; and
  • provide specialist advice on nutritional needs/issues for business development and strategic planning within the hospital.

Useful links: www.bda.uk.com

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