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Psychology - Scottish Adult Congenital Cardiac Service

Living with congenital heart disease is difficult.

1in 3 people with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) suffer from anxiety or depression. 
We understand what it can be like to live with CHD and want to help you as best we can.

The specialist nurses in SACCS can talk to you about how you are feeling and listen to your story.

For those who do need extra support, we have a clinical psychologist who can help you learn to cope with the challenges of living with CHD.

We all go through spells of worrying or feeling down, but when you are depressed or anxious you feel this way for weeks or months, not just a few days.

It is important to get help if you think you may be depressed or anxious. With the right treatment and support, most people make a full recovery.

Useful links

Click here to visit the Somerville Heart Foundation website.

Click here to visit the Little Hearts Matter website for people with single ventricle hearts.


Main hospital switchboard: 0141 951 5000 (ask to get put through to SACCS psychology)

Secretary: 07970 496 554