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Patient information booklets

We have a wide range of patient booklets which provide information about to expect for your procedure, infection control and food, fluid and nutrition advice.

Title Extension Size Topic
Hand hygeine - a guide for healthcare staff.pdf pdf 317.36 KB Infection control
Hand hygeine - information for the public.pdf pdf 496.75 KB Infection control
Carpal tunnel syndrome V6 pdf 979.05 KB Hand
Dupuytrens contracture V8 pdf 1,170.87 KB Hand
Thumb base arthritis V1 pdf 812.55 KB Hand
Hand therapy advice following trapeziectomy surgery for thumb base arthritis V1 pdf 2,468.37 KB Hand
Trigger finger V1 pdf 1,224.33 KB Hand
Complications after hand surgery V1 pdf 811.64 KB Hand
Caring for your hand after surgery V1 pdf 830.52 KB Hand
cubital tunnel syndrome V1 pdf 1,106.92 KB Hand
Dupuytrens disease and contracture V1 pdf 1,119.17 KB Hand
Digital mucoid cyst V1 pdf 1,195.34 KB Hand
De Quervain V1 pdf 1,025.48 KB Hand
Tennis elbow V1 pdf 1,118.09 KB Hand
Wrist ganglion V1 pdf 1,092.66 KB Hand
hand therapy following trapeziectomy surgery V1.pdf pdf 2,468.79 KB Hand, Orthopaedic
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