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What to bring with you

 Personal items

If you are coming to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital as an inpatient, please bring your own:  

  • nightwear; 
  • dressing gown; 
  • well-fitting slippers with a non-slip sole; 
  • toiletries; 
  • loose clothing; and 
  • comfortable walking shoes. 

To help us move your possessions safely, please keep your luggage to one small suitcase/bag of around 10kgs or under. 


You may have been asked to stop taking certain medications. It is important that you follow this advice. 

When you come into hospital, please bring with you all of the medication that you are currently taking, as well as those that have been stopped prior to your operation. If possible, please bring these in their original packaging. This includes: painkillers, creams/ ointments, ear, eye and nasal preparations, inhalers, insulin, injections and medicines purchased over the counter.

All of your medication will be stored safely during your stay. 

Before you go home: 

  • any alterations in your medication will be explained to you by a member of staff before you are discharged. 
  • medication you have brought into hospital will be returned to you, if appropriate. 
  • any new medication will be provided. 


We do not take responsibility for the loss of money, or for the loss or damage to valuable or personal items during your stay. 

If you do need to bring valuables with you, please let staff know when you arrive, and they will give you a receipt before arranging for them to be stored securely in the hospital safe.

  Electrical appliances

We allow small electrical appliances in patient rooms although our engineering staff must check these before you use them. If you need a hairdryer, please ask a member of nursing staff. 

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