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Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit (SPVU)


The Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit is staffed by a multi-professional team:

  • Martin Johnson, Consultant / Clinical Lead
  • Colin Church, Consultant
  • Melanie Brewis, Consultant
  • Harrison Stubbs, Clinical Fellow
  • Stephanie Lua, Clinical Fellow
  • Jamie Ingram, Clinical Fellow
  • Klaudia Suchorab, Clinical Psychologist
  • Emma Russell, Pharmacist 
  • Agnes Crozier, Nurse Specialist 
  • Jim Mearns, Nurse Specialist
  • Andy Kerr, NUrse Specialist
  • Fiona Thompson, Research Nurse
  • Val Irvine, Research Nurse
  • Fiona Teyhan, Research Nurse
  • Joanna Ford, Research Physiotherapist
  • Jay Thaker, Data Manager
  • Louise McKinlay, Data Manager
  • Veronica Ferry, Medical Secretary
  • Kirsty Menzies, Medical Secretary
  • Kimberley Gonzalez, Booking Coordinator

Contacting the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit

You can contact the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit in several ways.
Call: 0141 951 5497
Fax: 0141 951 5948
Email: spvunit@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk
Write to:
Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit
Golden Jubilee University National Hospital
Agamemnon Street
West Dunbartonshire
G81 4DY