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Waiting list validation - data security

Why are you asking me for my date of birth?

After you have answered the question, we will ask you to input your Date of Birth so that we can confirm we are updating records for the right person.

If you are answering the survey on behalf of someone else, you must provide their details at this stage.

Is my data secure?

As part of NHS Scotland, NHS Golden Jubilee has strict clinical and information governance standards, policies and procedures.

Data will be shared in line with the Intra NHS Scotland Sharing Accord and associated Directorate Letter setting out the need for seamless data flow to support cross boundary working and patient care.

NHS Golden Jubilee has signed a Data Processing Agreement with the supplier.

Is this service secure?

Yes, the service is designed with security in mind.

The text message or email regarding your referral will be sent to you by the hospital.

Once you click on the link, you will be asked for two forms of identity, to check it really is you. This will be either your mobile number or email address and your date of birth. This information, coupled with a 6-digit authentication code, forms secure 2-factor authentication.

What authentication does Patient Hub use?

Patient Hub uses 2-factor authentications.

  1. You begin the login process by giving us some personal information known to you – your mobile number or email address and your date of birth.
  2. To complete the log in process, you will be sent a 6-digit security code by text message, or by email. This code can only be used once and is only valid for 1 minute. Every time you log in, you will get a new 6-digit code.

Do I need to remember a username and password?

No, you do not have a username or password.

Do I need to securely log in each time I access the Portal (Patient Hub)?

Yes, it is important to keep your data secure. The code via text message or email is very fast.

Is the link in the text message or email trustworthy?

Yes. Our partner, Netcall, adheres to the highest data security standards in line with NHS Scotland clinical and information governance standards, policies and procedures.

Click here to read Netcall’s Privacy Policy.

Click here to read NHS Golden Jubilee’s Data Protection Privacy Notice​​​​​.

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