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Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital’s Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine is a major centre of excellence in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine.
With an outstanding international reputation, the department regularly attracts visiting anaesthetists from around the world.
Specialist staff provide services in cardiac, thoracic, orthopaedic and general surgical theatres and in the Cardiology cardiac catheterisation laboratories (cath labs). Consultant Anaesthetists also provide support for outpatient pre-assessment clinics and lead both our Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Acute Pain Service.
The department has an active research programme with main areas of interest in improving the patient’s journey through the various surgical specialties: 

  • enhanced recovery and regional anaesthesia;
  • target-controlled intravenous drug delivery;
  • brain function monitoring;
  • mechanisms of lung injury; and
  • perioperative coagulation disorders.

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