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We have a wide range of patient booklets which provide information about to expect for your procedure, infection control and food, fluid and nutrition advice.

All of our publications are available in different languages, larger print, Braille (English only), audio recording or another format of your choice. If you require a publication in alternative format, please call 0141 951 5513.

Title Extension Size Topic
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE).pdf pdf 133.34 KB Infection control
Washing clothes at home.pdf pdf 380.66 KB Infection control
Group A Streptococcus information leaflet for healthcare workers.pdf pdf 76.72 KB Infection control
Pneumocystitis pneumonia.pdf pdf 486.17 KB Infection control
Monitoring surgical wounds for infection v7 pdf 578.42 KB Infection control
HAI-information for the public - easy read version.pdf pdf 399.99 KB Infection control
Information about Video Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS) V3 pdf 607.86 KB Lung
Information about your mediastinoscopy v3 pdf 827.84 KB Lung
Lung surgery information and patient diary v10 pdf 1,327.98 KB Lung
Pneumonectomy (lung removal) v5 pdf 687.67 KB Lung
Thopaz drain V1 pdf 713.02 KB Lung
Bringing your medicines into hospital V2 pdf 557.15 KB Lung
Prehabilitation - prepare for your lung surgery v3 pdf 4,766.28 KB Lung
Clinical psychology in the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit (SPVU) pdf 587.98 KB Lung
Pleurodesis v1 pdf 696.52 KB Lung
Cataract surgery v7 pdf 1,011.99 KB Opthalmology
Welcome by Neatebox - making your patient experience more accessible pdf 1,576.37 KB Opthalmology
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery v5 pdf 3,090.71 KB Orthopaedic
Advice for foot or ankle surgery v7 pdf 2,079.88 KB Orthopaedic
Assessment before orthopaedic surgery V14 pdf 596.85 KB Orthopaedic
High tibial osteotomy (HTO) surgery v6 pdf 824.13 KB Orthopaedic
Hunter Canal Block V1 pdf 973.77 KB Orthopaedic
Knee arthroscopy surgery v10 pdf 1,224.29 KB Orthopaedic
Orthopaedic surgery advice V2 pdf 548.99 KB Orthopaedic
Fast flow orthopaedic information for patients v3 pdf 566.72 KB Orthopaedic
Hallux rigidus v2 pdf 1,208.41 KB Orthopaedic
Hallux valgus v2 pdf 1,213.51 KB Orthopaedic
Lesser toe v2 pdf 1,223.21 KB Orthopaedic
Mortons neuroma v2 pdf 1,016.52 KB Orthopaedic
Clinical psychology in orthopaedic surgery v2 pdf 577.76 KB Orthopaedic
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