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Cardiac Rehabilitation Resources

Most patients will be referred automatically to a cardiac rehabilitation team within their own local health board area following a heart event or procedure. After referral, your local team - a range of health care professionals with expertise in heart conditions, including specialist nurses and physiotherapists - carry out an assessment, by telephone or in person, to help develop, with you, a personalised care plan which is specific for your needs.

Due to the the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, these cardiac rehabilitation classes and clinics have been cancelled or postponed within local health boards across Scotland. This hub of information has been specifically designed to help provide you with information about cardiac rehabilitation, including useful information and resources, to help support your recovery at home as we all “stay at home” to fight Covid-19 together.

Cardiac rehabilitation describes the healthy activities which help support your recovery from a heart event or procedure, for example, a heart attack, coronary angioplasty or heart surgery. This has been shown to be very effective at preventing future heart events and admissions to hospital.

The rehabilitation programme offers a wide range of options to aid recovery and to support you in managing your heart condition.

Recovering from heart attack or coronary angioplasty procedure

Title Extension Size Topic
British Heart Foundation Beating my heart attack pdf 1,188.06 KB Cardiology
British Heart Foundation Cardiac Rehab pdf 3,692.34 KB Cardiology
Cardiac Rehab - a booklet for patients, their families and carers pdf 2,599.71 KB Cardiology
Medicines for my heart pdf 1,185.00 KB
your heart attack explained V11 pdf 986.36 KB Cardiology

Recovering from cardiac surgery

Others (including heart rhythm management and TAVI)