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We have a wide range of patient booklets which provide information about to expect for your procedure, infection control and food, fluid and nutrition advice.

All of our publications are available in different languages, larger print, Braille (English only), audio recording or another format of your choice. If you require a publication in alternative format, please call 0141 951 5513.

Title Extension Size Topic
Advanced heart failure and transplant patients V2 pdf 948.37 KB Heart
Enhanced recovery programme before colorectal surgery v2 pdf 647.33 KB General surgery
Enhanced recovery programme after colorectal surgery v2 pdf 600.60 KB General surgery
Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (S-ICD) v4 pdf 699.76 KB Cardiology
Spiritual Care - a multi-faith resource for healthcare staff pdf 1,624.09 KB Spiritual
Group A Streptococcus information leaflet for healthcare workers.pdf pdf 76.72 KB Infection control
Pneumocystitis pneumonia.pdf pdf 486.17 KB Infection control
Monitoring surgical wounds for infection v8 pdf 578.77 KB Infection control
HAI-information for the public - easy read version.pdf pdf 399.99 KB Infection control
Acute Kidney Injury v1.pdf pdf 756.50 KB Other
Prehabilitation - prepare for your lung surgery v3 pdf 4,766.28 KB Lung
Cardiac MRI V1 pdf 562.64 KB Radiology
Pre procedure instructions for gastroscopy Instructions v12 pdf 589.11 KB General surgery
Post procedure instructions for gastroscopy V7 pdf 557.68 KB General surgery
psychological wellbeing in congenital heart disease v1 pdf 567.05 KB Heart
Colonoscopy and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions (pre op) v13 pdf 845.16 KB General surgery
Using acupuncture to reduce nausea and vomiting after your operation at the golden jubilee v1 pdf 713.95 KB Anaesthesia
Clinical psychology in orthopaedic surgery v2 pdf 577.76 KB Orthopaedic
Spiritual Care and chaplaincy v1 pdf 561.39 KB Spiritual
Day Case Joint Replacement Surgery v2 pdf 574.15 KB Orthopaedic
Device closure of Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) v1 pdf 587.24 KB Heart
Computerised Tomography (CT) Colonography v1 pdf 566.56 KB Radiology
Leadless Pacemaker Therapy (PPM) v2.pdf pdf 758.73 KB Cardiology
cast care v1 pdf 552.76 KB Orthopaedic
Ileostomy v1 pdf 3,248.87 KB General surgery
Colostomy v1 pdf 3,267.45 KB General surgery
Scar desensitisation following hand surgery v2 pdf 704.70 KB Orthopaedic
Clinical psychology in the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit (SPVU) pdf 587.98 KB Lung
Pleurodesis v1 pdf 696.52 KB Lung
Linezolid V1 pdf 603.08 KB Other

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