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Scottish Adult Congenital Cardiac Service (SACCS)

Ways you can get involved


A short form to complete asking a few questions about you and then asking you to share your experiences and ideas with us.


A one on one conversation where we can explore your experiences and ideas in depth.

 Focus Groups

A conversation with a group of people that have similar characteristics to you to explore what similarities and differences exist between your experiences.


We will send you a written summary of everything we have learned so far about what we think you want from the service and ask you to tell us whether we are right or not. 

We are keen to learn from the experience and ideas of anybody who has used the SACCS service within the last three years.

We will be conducting a survey, interviews, focus groups and questionnaires over the next few months starting in January 2022.

All feedback and ideas are appreciated and will be used to inform what the service looks like in the years ahead.